Farcaster Developer Calls

Composer Actions, Hubble Updates / Sync Status, and Warpcast Improvements


Jul 2, 2024




Hubble's nodes are over 11,000 with gossip flooding fixed in v1.13.5. New force sync aids network divergence. Link defragmentation is monitored. Warpcast sync targets 1-minute delays. Hub storage, now 130 GB, could reach 500 GB in 6-12 months. Proposed FIP suggests a 20% storage unit reduction. Composer actions for third-party app integration are prototyping soon. Decentralized channels and Warpcast feed improvements are also underway.

HUBBLE — @sanjay, @wazzymandias, @sds

  • Number of nodes up to 11,000+.

  • Experiencing gossip flooding — v1.13.5 is out with fixes.

  • Network divergence — new force sync to allow easy catchup, reach out if affected.

  • Link defragmentation — can potentially cause sync issues, being tracked

  • Warpcast Sync Status — status.warpcast.com (trending up, targeting 1 min max delays)

STORAGE REDUCTION - @wazzymandias

  • Current hub size is 130 GB+, could grow to ~ 500GB in 6-12 months.

  • Proposed FIP — reduce storage unit size by 20% keep cost the same, could help even more in the future

COMPOSER ACTIONS — @deodad, @horsefacts

  • Inspired by External Cast Data spec

  • The goal is to make it easy for third party apps to augment casts

    • This could also help with frame discoverability, which has been a pain point for devs

  • How it’d work

    • There would be a new action type called form that would return an embedded iframe that shows up in/can modify the cast composer

    • This lines up with how cast action data is created/returned too -- could expand to other contexts in the future as well

    • Still prototyping, but a v1 could come out this week with a focus on specific use cases(polls, events, and bounties)

      • More hard-coded for v1 as a POC, but this could expand into an App Store-like model

  • Full Spec: https://warpcast.notion.site/Draft-Composer-Actions-7f2b8739ee8447cc8a6b518c234b1eeb?pvs=74


  • Usage growing slower than expected (20 unique senders, 5k messages per day)

    • Not growing fast enough where they can grow it, the Warpcast team should/will be prioritizing:

      • Composer actions

      • Making frames faster

      • Integrating better with other wallets in mobile

  • DC quality also moderate — some interesting apps, but few and far between.

  • Planning to wait and see if there is more usage or uptake before we decentralized further.


  • Still trying to figure out how to increase casting in channels

    • If unable to do that, then spending time to decentralize the primitive would be a mistake

  • Warpcast is shipping all these other features(long casts, streaks etc) to try and push more interesting content & help with this problem

WARPCAST FEED IMPROVEMENTS — @akshaan, @cmlad.eth, @piril

  • New ways to report a cast from the feed

  • Keyword muting

  • Spam detection & priority mode

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